This summer school intends presenting to advanced MSc's, PhD students, PostDocs, or more senior astronomers, the modern instruments available for observations in the Optical and IR domain, together with their science cases and performances.

Primarily, the ESO instruments, as well as those available through the Opticon Access Program will be covered. It will allow hands-on experience on data reduction (archive data) for some of those instruments, work being done in small groups under the supervision of experienced tutors, as is the rule in the NEON schools.

The work will be accompanied by lectures on "Hot topics in Astrophysics", a tutorial on VO astrophysics, as well as a tutorial on "How to write a (good) telescope time request proposal".

More information about OPTICON and NEON

Local costs will be covered by the school. A contribution to travel expenses can be envisaged on a duly justified case by case basis.

The summer school is limited to 45 participants.