Conference Venue

City of Brno

Brno is the largest city of Moravia and an important tourist centre for all who want to explore natural and cultural beauties of the South-Moravian region. The city is surrounded by beautiful mixed forests that offer many opportunities for tourism and cycling. Today Brno is a seat of universities and important judiciary institutions. It offers many possibilities of cultural enjoyment in its numerous theatres, museums, cinemas and clubs.   more

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science at Masaryk University provides higher education in the scientific fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Sciences. There are 153 accredited fields of study in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programs, designed to educate specialized researchers in the sciences, and future secondary school teachers.

Intensive practical activity in the sciences is one of the faculty’s main priorities. This is the foundation for the high standard of education that has made it the most productive faculty at the university over the years.

Academic activity is supported by technical facilities at the individual departments, which are of top international quality in many cases. Cooperation between Czech and foreign research centres is strongly emphasized. The main goals of basic research are to acquire knowledge, and learn procedures and techniques that can be used in this country and elsewhere in applied research and development.

At present there are nearly 4500 students studying at the faculty, along with about 320 academic employees who also take part in research work.    more

University Campus Bohunice

One of the greatest University achievements of recent years was the construction of the new Masaryk University Campus. Construction works commenced in 2004, and the Campus was officially opened in 2010. This year therefore concluded the major period of the Campus construction; however, in the following years, it was expanded with new departments of three research projects.

The key role in this expansion is played by CEITEC – the Central European research centre of excellence. Its laboratories, equipped with first-class technology and facilities, create optimal conditions for both basic and applied research in the fields of life sciences and advanced materials and technologies. The scope of one of the remaining projects – named CESEB – was completing the construction of the Faculty of Science’s Biological Section pavilions. Buildings of the Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment, CETOCOEN, then established conditions for dealing with essential issues in the area of environment and sustainability.

The University Campus in Bohunice spreads over the area of 70 200 m2. The whole Campus provides high-quality and modern background for approximately 5 000 students and 1 500 employees.    more